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By Anne Peters

As one of the senior sires at Three Chimneys, we have a long track record to fall back on to study the most successful bloodline crosses with Dynaformer. Given that, we have to conclude that there is no one bloodline in particular that provides the magic formula for this versatile sire, although there are a few strains that have had multiple hits with him. That seems to be the secret to Dynaformer's success - the ability to cross with anything he's presented with, and make it a little bit better.

Northern Dancer-line mares are the best nick by number of stakes winners sired by Dynaformer, accounting for 21 of his 90 stakes winners to date (August 2008). The most successful branches involved are Nijinsky II (4, thru Caerleon and Strawberry Road), Monteverdi (2 from the same mare), Storm Bird and his son Storm Cat (3), Danzig, Dixieland Band, Nureyev (through son Zilzal) and The Minstrel. In addition, 4 of his 13 champions and G1 winners have a cross of Northern Dancer in their second dams.

Dynaformer has shown a specific affinity for mares carrying Northern Dancer sons from the famed Rough Shod II family, either in their sire or dam's sire - Nureyev, Sadler's Wells and Topsider. Factor into that his good crosses with 5 additional mares carrying Lt. Stevens, from the same Rough Shod II family (2 by Alysheba), and you have something to consider pretty seriously. This cross of Roberto on Rough Shod II creates a scenario similar the pedigree of the very successful sire Lear Fan.

Mr. Prospector is one of Dynaformer's best nicks based on quality. Mares from this male line have accounted for 7 of his 90 stakes winners and while this is not an amazing strike rate, it is noteworthy that 4 of his very best are from Mr. Prospector-line mares, including champions or G1 winners Ocean Silk (dam by Kingmambo), Barbaro (Carson City), Film Maker (Mr. Prospector), and Riskaverse (Seeking the Gold).

We can refine that with the observation that it's not just any old Mr. Prospector-line mare at work here, since all 7 of those have Mr. Prospector tied with a cross of Northern Dancer. Further to that, 3 of those are specifically Nijinsky II crosses, while others are with Northern Dancer-line sires from the Rough Shod II family (Nureyev, Sadler's Wells and Topsider.). Ocean Silk's dam is actually inbred to Rough Shod II's granddaughter Special through the close relatives Nureyev and Sadler's Wells.

The Mr. Prospector cross makes sense in today's gene pool, since Dynaformer is one of the stoutest bloodlines available in North America, to cross on the brilliantly fast and sometimes fragile Mr. Prospector lines. This cross creates a scenario of doubling up to Nashua, the dam's sire of both Roberto and Mr. Prospector.

Besides Mr. Prospector, several other sons of Raise a Native are working well with Dynaformer, in particular Alydar (4, 2 through Alysheba mares, 2 through Turkoman mares), Exclusive Native (2), and 1 through Alydar's close relative Raise a Cup (also out of a mare by Nashua). Alysheba's dam is by Lt. Stevens, so again, bringing in that important Rough Shod II cross.

Mares by Sharpen Up or his sons Diesis and Cut Throat have accounted for 9 Dynaformer stakes winners. Diesis makes up two-thirds of that count (6), and 2 Sharpen Up daughters round it out. Sharpen Up's sire Atan has a couple parallels to the Mr. Prospector son Gone West, both have Native Dancer and are from the Mixed Marriage family, so Gone West might be a particularly good son of Mr. Prospector to try with Dynaformer.

Mares from the Dr. Fager male line have produced 4 stakes winners, 3 of them from daughters of Dr. Blum, and 2 of those, Blumin Affair and Intern, are out of full sisters by Dr. Blum, next dam by Lt. Stevens (out of Rough Shod II). It's worth noting that 3 of these 4 stakes winners are graded, so this is a high quality nick for some reason. Dr. Fager was inbred to Bull Dog, and Bull Dog and his brothers Sir Gallahad III and Admiral Drake are built up pretty intensely in Roberto, so this may be a key.

The In Reality line is working here (3 stakes winners), in particular Relaunch daughters (2). Since In Reality's dam was by Rough'n Tumble, this affinity might be related to the nick with Dr. Fager (a son of Rough'n Tumble). The other successful In Reality line working here is Valid Appeal, and the second dam on this one (G1 Collect The Cash) is by Dr. Fager. One might also try Known Fact, from the same female line as Sharpen Up's sire Atan.

Naskra is another unusual nick with Dynaformer. While he only appears as the dam's sire of 2 of Dynformer's stakes winners, they are Perfect Drift and Mystery Giver, both graded-stakes winning millionaires. Naskra-line mares have worked well with other sons of Roberto, including Red Ransom and Kris S., so there's something more going on there than meets the eye. Two other high class Dynaformers have Naskra in their second dams as well, including G1 winner Purim.

Dynaformer has had a lot success doubling up to Nashua, Roberto's dam's sire. He seems to favor a mare that has a strong background of Nashua's sireline Nasrullah (such as Nashua, Naskra, or Bold Ruler).

He's also done well with additional crosses of Roberto's sire Hail to Reason, and Hail to Reason's sire Turn-to, particularly through Sir Gaylord. Let's not forget that the next sire back in this chain is Royal Charger, a three-quarter brother to Nasrullah.

Dynaformer has had some success doubling back to his dam's sire's pedigree. G3 winner Blazing Fury is 3x3 to His Majesty. G1 winner Starrer has a cross of Majestic Prince, from the same Boudoir II family as His Majesty with a similar Alibhai/Boudoir II cross as is found in His Majesty's dam. Dynaformer's successful cross to Strawberry Road mares also reflects this, since Strawberry Road's sire Whiskey Road is out of His Majesty's half-sister Bowl of Flowers, from the same Boudoir II family.

One thing that is rather unique to Dynaformer's pedigree is that his dam is inbred 4x4 to Hyperion. This is becoming a rare bloodline to find in any kind of concentration in North American pedigrees. One of the best alternative sources is Dixieland Band, a son of Northern Dancer who has 4 strains of Hyperion, one through Northern Dancer's sire Nearctic (dam by Hyperion) and the other three through his own dam, who has, like Dynaformer, crosses of Hyperion's sons Alibhai and Heliopolis. Dynaformer has already sired 2 minor stakes winners from Dixieland Band mares, and it would be expected he'd do well with this strain. Kentucky Derby winner Monarchos is out of a mare by Dixieland Band and from Dynaformer's own female family.

Using this same reasoning, Dynaformer might also do well with El Gran Senor (by Northern Dancer) and Wild Again (by Icecapade, a son of Nearctic) whose dams also carry concentrated or close crosses of Hyperion.