Name YOB Sir Broodmare Price Other Dosage Profile
View Details 2012 More Than Ready Miss Seffens 04/16/12
View Details 2013 Street Sense Amazing Storm 02/07/13
View Details 2013 Proud Citizen American Plan 04/03/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Anchors Away 04/12/13
View Details 2013 Malibu Moon Andujar 02/10/13
View Details 2013 Smart Strike Any Limit 02/02/13
View Details 2013 Giant's Causeway Appealing Zophie 03/17/13
View Details 2013 Mizzen Mast Arion 01/14/13
View Details 2013 Yes It's True Aucilla 04/08/13
View Details 2013 Curlin Bam Bam Bull 04/15/13
View Details 2013 Red Giant Bellicose 04/11/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Blasted 03/16/13
View Details 2013 Tiznow Broadway Ticket 03/20/13
View Details 2013 Big Brown Casablanca Smile (CHI) 03/31/13
View Details 2013 Big Brown Champagne Eyes 02/10/13
View Details 2013 Congrats Christie Village 04/12/13
View Details 2013 Unbridled's Song Comanche Star 02/27/13
View Details 2013 More Than Ready Coppermine 02/11/13
View Details 2013 Shakespeare Diverse 04/12/13
View Details 2013 Jump Start Dyna Two 03/10/13
View Details 2013 Quiet American Easy Limit 02/22/13
View Details 2013 Street Boss Farlam Hall 04/04/13
View Details 2013 Songandaprayer Forever Bertie 04/21/13
View Details 2013 Street Cry Funny Moon 03/24/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Gone Theatrical 01/19/13
View Details 2013 Hard Spun Lenawee 04/16/13
View Details 2013 Spaniard Loire Valley 01/29/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Lovely Regina 02/01/13
View Details 2013 Kitten's Joy Mama Lulu 02/04/13
View Details 2013 Street Cry Maxxi Arte (IRE) 02/03/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Merciful 02/28/13
View Details 2013 Munnings Miss Utada 05/09/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Mona Quita 01/26/13
View Details 2013 Street Sense Mondenschein 03/02/13
View Details 2013 Twirling Candy Moujane 01/24/13
View Details 2013 Malibu Moon Overandabeauty 02/14/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Palaestra 04/25/13
View Details 2013 Harlan's Holiday Palanka City 02/09/13
View Details 2013 Street Cry Passing Shot 02/03/13
View Details 2013 Exchange Rate Perfectforthepart 05/10/13
View Details 2013 Bernardini Pilfer 03/24/13
View Details 2013 Tiznow Point Empress 02/26/13
View Details 2013 Bernardini Pure Clan 01/10/13
View Details 2013 City Zip Rainbow Luck 03/01/13
View Details 2013 Ghostzapper Rebotco 02/09/13
View Details 2013 Malibu Moon Rutledge Ballado 03/19/13
View Details 2013 Uncle Mo Shared Dreams (GB) 04/08/13
View Details 2013 Cape Blanco Skirmish 03/29/13
View Details 2013 Malibu Moon Special American 05/15/13
View Details 2013 Sky Mesa Surfer Girl (BRZ) 03/21/13
View Details 2013 War Chant Taine 05/06/13
View Details 2013 Regal Ransom Texas Tempest 04/23/13
View Details 2013 Paddy O'Prado Tigresa 01/28/13
View Details 2013 Gio Ponti Voodoo Dancer 02/08/13
View Details 2013 Galileo (Ire) Wild Wind (Ger) 02/04/13
View Details 2014 Warrior's Reward A Toast to All 02/04/14
View Details 2014 Pleasantly Perfect All Mettle 02/03/14
View Details 2014 Lonhro Amerique (IRE) 02/12/14
View Details 2014 Tiznow Amusing Plan 04/02/14
View Details 2014 Elusive Quality Andromeda Galaxy (FR) 01/24/14
View Details 2014 More Than Ready Andujar 02/16/14
View Details 2014 Tapit Appealing Zophie 03/28/14
View Details 2014 War Chant Arion 03/17/14
View Details 2014 Dansili Article Rare 03/13/14
View Details 2014 Brilliant Speed Ascension (IRE) 04/19/14
View Details 2014 Sky Mesa Awesome Bella 03/19/14
View Details 2014 Big Brown B R's Girl 02/18/14
View Details 2014 Street Boss Blasted 03/28/14
View Details 2014 Tapit Bouquet Booth 04/02/14
View Details 2014 Tapit Christie Village 04/08/14
View Details 2014 Lemon Drop Kid Coherent 03/08/14
View Details 2014 Stormy Atlantic Colstar 04/09/14
View Details 2014 Malibu Moon Contentious 02/22/14
View Details 2014 Medaglia d'Oro Crimson Maple 02/21/14
View Details 2014 Candy Ride (ARG) Dicey D J 02/28/14
View Details 2014 Flower Alley Dictate the Tempo 02/03/14
View Details 2014 Hard Spun Dust and Diamonds 02/13/14
View Details 2014 Hat Trick Easy Limit 03/06/14
View Details 2014 Speightstown Fancy Dattt 03/22/14
View Details 2014 Blame Gone Theatrical 02/02/14
View Details 2014 Lonhro Humorous Gal 02/24/14
View Details 2014 More Than Ready Incentive 03/01/14
View Details 2014 Bernardini Indulgence 02/12/14
View Details 2014 Successful Appeal Ixora 02/07/14
View Details 2014 Lemon Drop Kid Izshelegal 04/06/14
View Details 2014 Paddy O'Prado Jeopardy Lady 02/15/14
View Details 2014 Hard Spun Katherine'skadence 02/06/14
View Details 2014 Giant's Causeway La Milanesa 04/02/14
View Details 2014 Hard Spun Liam's Dream 03/21/14
View Details 2014 Distorted Humor Love and Pride 02/26/14
View Details 2014 Sky Mesa Madera Dancer 03/17/14
View Details 2014 Tiznow Marion Ravenwood 02/24/14
View Details 2014 Distorted Humor Maristar 02/20/14
View Details 2014 Flower Alley Me And Miss Jones 02/01/14
View Details 2014 Elusive Quality Minute Limit (Ire) 03/28/14
View Details 2014 Cape Blanco Moujane 01/14/14
View Details 2014 Mineshaft On Demand 02/10/14
View Details 2014 Successful Appeal One For Jim 04/19/14
View Details 2014 Tiznow Overandabeauty 03/02/14
View Details 2014 Candy Ride (ARG) Palanka City 03/14/14
View Details 2014 Speightstown Passing Shot 03/03/14
View Details 2014 Bernardini Pilfer 03/27/14
View Details 2014 Tapit Pure Clan 02/05/14
View Details 2014 Flatter Quake Lake 04/07/14
View Details 2014 Afleet Alex Quick Shot 02/18/14
View Details 2014 More Than Ready Rainbow Luck 03/04/14
View Details 2014 Exchange Rate Real American 02/07/14
View Details 2014 Big Brown Rebotco 02/18/14
View Details 2014 Hard Spun Regatta (FR) 04/08/14
View Details 2014 Medaglia d'Oro Rum Charger (IRE) 02/20/14
View Details 2014 Lemon Drop Kid Rutledge Ballado 03/29/14
View Details 2014 Malibu Moon Salsa Star 02/01/14
View Details 2014 Flower Alley Sapphire Sky 02/02/14
View Details 2014 Sky Mesa Satyana 03/12/14
View Details 2014 Pioneerof The Nile Secret Liaison 02/02/14
View Details 2014 Distorted Humor Shared Account 03/29/14
View Details 2014 Flower Alley Skirmish 04/02/14
View Details 2014 Medaglia D'Oro Summer Soiree 03/27/14
View Details 2014 Smart Strike Swap Fliparoo 02/06/14
View Details 2014 Big Brown Sweetheart 03/18/14
View Details 2014 Broken Vow Tears of Joy 02/20/14
View Details 2014 Shackleford Thorough Fair 02/24/14
View Details 2014 Flower Alley Una Cabeza (ARG) 01/28/14
View Details 2014 Artie Schiller Vente 03/02/14
View Details 2014 Hat Trick (JPN) Visalia (IRE) 02/09/14
View Details 2014 Eskendereya Voodoo Dancer 02/09/14
View Details 2014 Spring At Last Walkabout Winner 04/03/14
View Details 2014 Henny Hughes Wardrobe 03/04/14
View Details 2014 Dubawi Wild Wind (Ger) 02/11/14
View Details 2014 Giant's Causeway Win's Fair Lady 02/14/14
View Details 2014 Proud Citizen Yankee Doodle Girl 01/24/14
View Details 2014 Lonhro You Hear Us Coming 02/07/14
View Details A Toast to All A Toast to All 2010 Hard Spun Champagne Ending 02/27/10
View Details All Mettle All Mettle 2008 Touch Gold Seeking the Silver 03/16/08
View Details Amazing Storm Amazing Storm 2007 Awesome Again Lost in the Storm 03/14/07
View Details American Diva American Diva 2003 Quiet American Critics Acclaim 04/22/03
View Details American Plan American Plan 2006 Belong To Me Appealing Satin 03/14/06
View Details Amerique (IRE) Amerique (IRE) 2009 Galileo (IRE) Aquarelliste (FR) 01/22/09
View Details Amour D'Ete Amour D'Ete 2012 Tiznow Silken Cat 01/19/12
View Details Amusing Plan Amusing Plan 2006 Pleasantly Perfect Contrive 03/02/06
View Details Anchors Away Anchors Away 2006 Smarty Jones Away 02/05/06
View Details Andromeda Galaxy (FR) Andromeda Galaxy (FR) 2008 Peintre Celebre Arlesienne (Ire) 01/01/08
View Details Andujar Andujar 2001 Quiet American Nureyev's Best 03/07/01
View Details Any Limit Any Limit 2003 Limit Out Clandestinely 02/18/03
View Details Appealing Zophie Appealing Zophie 2004 Successful Appeal Zophie 01/16/04
View Details Arion Arion 2003 High Yield Tigresa 04/14/03
View Details Article Rare Article Rare 2006 El Prado (IRE) Action Francaise 02/28/06
View Details Ascension (IRE) Ascension (IRE) 1998 Night Shift Outeniqua 03/05/98
View Details Awesome Bella Awesome Bella 2008 Awesome Again Cindazanno 06/01/08
View Details Awesome Gift (BRZ) Awesome Gift (BRZ) 2011 Street Cry Ile de France 02/17/11
View Details B R's Girl B R's Girl 2005 Pulpit Bam Bam Bull 04/18/05
View Details Bam Bam Bull Bam Bam Bull 1997 Holy Bull Bad Pussycat 02/05/97
View Details Beat the Blues Beat the Blues 2007 Great Pyramid (IRE) Imtheblues 04/25/07
View Details Blasted Blasted 2007 Dynaformer Shooting Party 02/16/07
View Details Bouquet Booth Bouquet Booth 2008 Flower Alley Toll Order 03/21/08
View Details Bourbon Maid Bourbon Maid 2005 Menifee Au Pair 01/01/05
View Details Bramley Bramley 2009 Dynaformer Sharp Apple 03/22/09
View Details Broadway Ticket Broadway Ticket 2006 Distorted Humor Bedazzle 03/28/06
View Details Cara Marie Cara Marie 2012 Unbridled's Song Miss Kilroy 03/16/12
View Details Charged Cotton Charged Cotton 2009 Dehere Lightning Lydia 03/23/09
View Details Chokonni Chokonni 2010 Arch Apache Plume 01/01/10
View Details Christie Village Christie Village 2005 Deputy Minister Felicita 03/15/05
View Details Circleofinfluence Circleofinfluence 2010 Eurosilver Classy Mirage 04/13/10
View Details Coherent Coherent 2000 Danzig Unify 03/16/00
View Details Colstar Colstar 1996 Opening Verse Ascend 04/03/96
View Details Comanche Star Comanche Star 2001 Saint Ballado Deceit Princess 01/27/01
View Details Contentious Contentious 2004 Giant's Causeway Illicit 03/16/04
View Details Crimson Maple Crimson Maple 2003 Rahy Maplejinsky 05/04/03
View Details Curlin Hawk Curlin Hawk 2010 Curlin Maggy Hawk 02/15/10
View Details Dane Street Dane Street 2009 Street Cry Daneleta (IRE) 03/04/09
View Details Dicey D J Dicey D J 2005 Milwaukee Brew Dr. Nunn 01/01/05
View Details Dictate the Tempo Dictate the Tempo 2007 Dixie Union Rosthern 02/07/07
View Details Divadora Divadora 2009 Pleasantly Perfect Bedside Manner 02/19/09
View Details Dust and Diamonds Dust and Diamonds 2008 Vindication Majestically 01/06/08
View Details Dynaverse Dynaverse 2009 Dynaformer Colstar 03/29/09
View Details Dyning Out Dyning Out 2011 Dynaformer Santaria 02/03/11
View Details Easy Limit Easy Limit 2006 Storm Cat Passing Shot 02/25/06
View Details Fancy Dattt Fancy Dattt 2010 Medaglia d'Oro Temperence Gift 02/22/10
View Details Farlam Hall Farlam Hall 2007 A.P. Indy House Party 04/11/07
View Details Fast Anna Fast Anna 2011 Medaglia d'Oro Dreaming of Anna fastanna.jpg fastanna-lower.jpg
View Details Forever Bertie Forever Bertie 2002 Thunder Gulch Alltheway Bertie 02/23/02
View Details Funny Moon Funny Moon 2006 Malibu Moon Fun Crowd 02/27/06
View Details Funtastic Funtastic 2014 More Than Ready Quiet Dance funtastic.jpg TC_Website_StallionAssets_LowerBanner_1920x668_Funtastic.png
View Details Galateia (IRE) Galateia (IRE) 2010 Dansili (GB) Gagnoa (IRE) 01/01/10
View Details Gone Theatrical Gone Theatrical 2005 Theatrical (IRE) Cumulate 05/11/05
View Details Greathearted Greathearted 2003 Giant's Causeway Touch of Greatness 04/24/03
View Details Gun Runner Gun Runner 2008 Candy Ride (ARG) Quiet Giant GunRunner.jpg gunrunner-lower.jpg
View Details Holy Reina Holy Reina 2010 Macho Uno Sanibel Island 03/12/10
View Details Humorous Gal Humorous Gal 2003 Distorted Humor Essen of Roy 03/06/03
View Details Incentive Incentive 2008 Mr. Greeley Rum Charger (IRE) 04/26/08
View Details Indulgence Indulgence 2007 Macho Uno Forbidden Kiss 04/04/07
View Details Ixora Ixora 2005 Dynaformer Imroz 03/13/05
View Details Izshelegal Izshelegal 2008 Maria's Mon Unkatzable 03/06/08
View Details Jeopardy Lady Jeopardy Lady 2007 Rock Hard Ten In the Will 02/21/07
View Details Katherine'skadence Katherine'skadence 2008 Mr. Greeley Won't She Tell 04/24/08
View Details Kitty In A Tizzy Kitty In A Tizzy 2007 Tiznow Puma Kitten 03/25/07
View Details La Milanesa La Milanesa 2006 Mr. Greeley Hometown Queen 02/17/06
View Details Lady Dyna Lady Dyna 2012 Tapit Dynaforce 02/13/12
View Details Lenawee Lenawee 2005 Albert the Great Butterfield 03/23/05
View Details Liam's Dream Liam's Dream 2007 Saint Liam Danzig's Dream 04/24/07
View Details Listen Boy Listen Boy 2010 After Market Shadow of Mine 04/05/10
View Details Loire Valley Loire Valley 2008 Hennessy Wilzada 01/01/08
View Details Love and Pride Love and Pride 2008 A.P. Indy Ile de France 04/27/08
View Details Madera Dancer Madera Dancer 2009 Rahy Maxxi Arte (Ire) 02/21/09
View Details Magical World Magical World 2010 Distorted Humor Pleasant Home 03/23/10
View Details Marion Ravenwood Marion Ravenwood 2008 A.P. Indy Andujar 02/08/08
View Details Maristar Maristar 2007 Giant's Causeway Jewel Princess 01/01/07
View Details Maxxi Arte (IRE) Maxxi Arte (IRE) 2003 Danehill Dancer (IRE) Liyana (IRE) 03/31/03
View Details Me And Miss Jones Me And Miss Jones 2006 Smarty Jones Forest Heiress 01/14/06
View Details Minute Limit (Ire) Minute Limit (Ire) 2006 Pivotal Magic Cove 01/19/06
View Details Miss Stormy Pick Miss Stormy Pick 2001 Storm Creek Program Pick 01/01/01
View Details Miss Utada Miss Utada 2001 Rahy Morini (GB) 01/29/01
View Details Moujane Moujane 2004 Alphabet Soup Melina Mou (Ire) 03/04/04
View Details Mr. Winter Mr. Winter 2012 Summer Bird Stupendous Miss 04/14/12
View Details Mythical Mythical 2001 Dixieland Band Majestic Legend 04/09/01
View Details On Demand On Demand 2005 Giant's Causeway The Administrator 05/05/05
View Details On High Alert On High Alert 2010 Medaglia d'Oro Blessings Count 02/18/10
View Details One For Jim One For Jim 2006 Distorted Humor Brilliant Disguise 01/28/06
View Details Open Water Open Water 2009 Include Biscayne Bay 04/04/09
View Details Our Rafaela Our Rafaela 2004 Dynaformer Ile de France 04/16/04
View Details Overandabeauty Overandabeauty 2005 Grand Slam Tap Your Heels 01/29/05
View Details Palace Malice Palace Malice Curlin Palace Rumor PalaceMalice.jpg palacemalice-lower.jpg
View Details Palaestra Palaestra 2001 Atticus Flying Heat 04/01/01
View Details Palanka City Palanka City 2005 Carson City Indian Sunset 04/23/05
View Details Passing Shot Passing Shot 1999 A.P. Indy Aucilla 04/10/99
View Details Pay Lady Pay Lady 2005 Seeking the Gold Evening Meeting 02/25/05
View Details Perfectforthepart Perfectforthepart 2004 Dynaformer Capote Ann 04/06/04
View Details Pilfer Pilfer 2001 Deputy Minister Misty Hour 02/17/01
View Details Piracicaba (IRE) Piracicaba (IRE) 2009 Dansili (GB) Montaria (GER) 01/25/09
View Details Polyester Polyester 2010 Tiz Wonderful No More Ironing 01/15/10
View Details Pure Clan Pure Clan 2005 Pure Prize Gather the Clan (IRE) 03/09/05
View Details Quake Lake Quake Lake 2006 War Chant Shooting Party 02/04/06
View Details Quick Shot Quick Shot 2008 Smart Strike Passing Shot 03/02/08
View Details R Gypsy Gold R Gypsy Gold 2008 Bernardini Broadway Gold 03/01/08
View Details Rainbow Luck Rainbow Luck 2006 Honour and Glory Stormbow 04/12/06
View Details Real American Real American 2008 Quiet American Tears of Joy 03/06/08
View Details Rebotco Rebotco 2001 Dynaformer Golden Mirage (IRE) 03/08/01
View Details Regatta (FR) Regatta (FR) 2009 Layman Red Star (IRE) 04/03/09
View Details Rum Charger (IRE) Rum Charger (IRE) 1999 Spectrum (IRE) Park Charger 04/28/99
View Details Rutledge Ballado Rutledge Ballado 2002 Saint Ballado Gold From the West 05/13/02
View Details Salsa Star Salsa Star 2006 Giant's Causeway Miss Salsa 01/01/06
View Details Sapphire Sky Sapphire Sky 2006 Sky Mesa Charm Away 03/27/06
View Details Satyana Satyana 2009 Street Cry (IRE) Lovely Regina 04/20/09
View Details Secret Liaison Secret Liaison 1998 Housebuster Pennant Winner 02/23/98
View Details Shared Account Shared Account 2006 Pleasantly Perfect Silk n' Sapphire 02/08/06
View Details Sharp Azteca Sharp Azteca 2013 Freud So Sharp SharpAzteca.png TC_Website_StallionAssets_LowerBanner_1920x668_SharpAzteca.png
View Details Sister Martini Sister Martini 2010 More Than Ready Swap Fliparoo 01/25/10
View Details Skirmish Skirmish 2002 War Chant Little Sister 04/17/02
View Details Sky Mesa Sky Mesa 2000 Pulpit Caress SkyMesa.jpg skymesa-lower.jpg
View Details South Street Gal South Street Gal 2009 Street Sense Butterfield 05/09/09
View Details Special American Special American 1998 Quiet American Special Vice 02/14/98
View Details Stage Dream Stage Dream 2004 Theatrical (IRE) Stylish Talent 01/01/04
View Details Strong Mandate Strong Mandate 2011 Tiznow Clear Mandate strongmandate.jpg strongmandate-lower.jpg
View Details Stupendous Miss Stupendous Miss 2001 Dynaformer Subeen (GB) 02/01/01
View Details Sugarandice Sugarandice 2006 Dixie Union Mambo Woman 01/21/06
View Details Summer Soiree Summer Soiree 2008 War Front Mazel Tov 03/28/08
View Details Superb Superb 2011 Arch Sweetheart 04/04/11
View Details Swap Fliparoo Swap Fliparoo 2003 Exchange Rate Fliparoo 05/03/03
View Details Sweetheart Sweetheart 1994 Mr. Prospector Gorgeous 04/07/94
View Details Taine Taine 1991 Sir Ivor Darlin Lindy 04/20/91
View Details Tears of Joy Tears of Joy 1996 Mt. Livermore Minstrel's Lassie 01/01/96
View Details Tell a Great Story Tell a Great Story 2010 Bluegrass Cat Roadtohanna 04/05/10
View Details Texas Tempest Texas Tempest 2008 Bernardini Copelan's Bid Gal 03/22/08
View Details The Legend Grows The Legend Grows 2003 Siphon (BRZ) Affirmatively 05/30/03
View Details Thorough Fair Thorough Fair 1993 Quiet American Very Fair 03/15/93
View Details Tigerdude Tigerdude 2009 Aptitude Tigresa 03/06/09
View Details Una Cabeza (ARG) Una Cabeza (ARG) 2008 Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Potra Fabulous (ARG) 01/01/08
View Details Vente Vente 2001 Dynaformer Santa Fersane (Fr) 04/16/01
View Details Viapervita (IRE) Viapervita (IRE) 2003 Spectrum (IRE) Way For Life (GER) 03/21/03
View Details Visalia (IRE) Visalia (IRE) 2009 Dansili (GB) Virginia Waters 01/01/09
View Details Vitoria Olimpica (BRZ) Vitoria Olimpica (BRZ) 2009 Northern Afleet Magic Rafaela 01/01/09
View Details Viva Carina (ARG) Viva Carina (ARG) 2009 Giant's Causeway Altamira (FR) 07/26/09
View Details Voodoo Dancer Voodoo Dancer 1998 Kingmambo Zuri 04/20/98
View Details Walkabout Winner Walkabout Winner 2005 Aldebaran Appealing Kris 03/29/05
View Details Walkwithapurpose Walkwithapurpose 2010 Candy Ride (ARG) Lightning Lydia 04/03/10
View Details Wardrobe Wardrobe 2006 War Chant Rum Charger (IRE) 03/28/06
View Details Welcome Addition Welcome Addition 2007 Theatrical (IRE) Rum Charger (IRE) 04/24/07
View Details Wild Wind (Ger) Wild Wind (Ger) 2008 Danehill Dancer (Ire) Woman Secret 02/17/08
View Details Will Take Charge Will Take Charge 2010 Unbridled's Song Take Charge Lady WillTakeCharge.jpg willtakecharge-lower.jpg
View Details Win's Fair Lady Win's Fair Lady 1999 Dehere Win Crafty Lady 03/31/99
View Details Yankee Doodle Girl Yankee Doodle Girl 2005 Yankee Gentleman Pocho's Dream Girl 01/31/05
View Details You Hear Us Coming You Hear Us Coming 2009 Stormy Atlantic Quiet Down 01/01/09