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By Anne Peters

War Chant has proven himself a very capable sire of class racehorses, with 16 stakes winners to date from 311 foals of racing age, for a solid 5% stakes winners-to-foals ratio. Although a top class performer on dirt and turf in his own right, War Chant's offspring seem to emulate their sire's greatest day when winning the Breeders' Cup Mile [G1] on the grass. He's become one of the best turf sires in the country, although he's sired stakes winners on the dirt and synthetic surfaces as well. Being an outstanding physical in his own right, he can still sire a good commercial sales yearling to boot.

War Chant's 16 stakes winners come from mares by a diverse group of broodmare sires. Some of these mirror the best crosses with his sire Danzig, but more of them seem to have strains doubling back to the pedigree of his dam, Hollywood Wildcat, by Kris S. out of a Mr. Prospector mare.

In my initial observations for War Chant, made when his first crop were 3-year-olds in the summer of 2005, I noted that he seemed to be doing well with mares having a strong background in Sir Gallahad III and his brother Bull Dog:

"Common themes here are inbreeding to Northern Dancer (in 3 of the 5 stakes winners) and a fourth has the close relative Icecapade. One is inbred to Roberto and a second linebred to his sire Hail to Reason, and a third linebred to Turn-to. Three have linebreeding to Princequillo. One is linebred to Crafty Admiral, and another to his sire Fighting Fox. This may be significant since Fighting Fox was by Sir Gallahad III, who, along with his full or half brothers Bull Dog and Admiral Drake, play a strong role in the pedigrees of Hail to Reason and Roberto.

If Sir Gallahad III/Bull Dog is a key strain for War Chant, he might do very well with mares carrying the blood of Affirmed, who is bred on the same Exclusive Native/Crafty Admiral cross as Our Native, found in Winsome's pedigree, and whose dam is extensively linebred to Sir Gallahad III. Affirmed has already had success with Danzig, who has some parallel strains in Native Dancer and Crafty Admiral.

War Chant might also do well with Mr. Prospector, who has a build up of Sir Gallahad III/Bull Dog..."

As it turns out, these early patterns seem to have proven pretty valid. Hail to Reason and Roberto continue to play critical roles with War Chant; one of his second crop stakes winners, For Always, has Affirmed in her second dam; and the Mr. Prospector-line mares have come into play.

Inbreeding to Roberto
War Chant's leading earner so far is the aptly named Brilliant, a colt from his sire's second crop who has earned $726,797 with wins in a pair of G2 turf races as a 3-year-old and a second in the Woodford Reserve Turf Classic (G1) at 4. Brilliant's dam is by Known Fact (by In Reality) and his second dam is by Roberto, giving this colt a pattern of 4x3 inbreeding to Roberto, since War Chant's dam, Hollywood Wildcat, is a daughter of Kris S. (by Roberto).

The Danzig/In Reality cross has also produced G1 winners Ad Valorem (by Danzig), and Jersey Girl (by Belong To Me), and G2 winner Concerto (by Chief's Crown). The Danzig/Roberto cross, has produced not only War Chant, but also current racing star and Three Chimneys stallion (in 2009) Big Brown who is by a son of Danzig with his second dam by Lear Fan (by Roberto).

Similar Roberto inbreeding is also found 4x4 in War Chant's good runner Chattahoochee War ($553,416), who won the Central Bank Transylvania S. (G3) on the Keeneland turf course as a 3-year-old. Chattahoochee War's dam is by Sri Pekan, a son of Red Ransom (by Roberto). Since this Roberto inbreeding is found in 2 of War Chant's top 3 earners, it has to be a factor to keep in mind in mating him. Chattahoochee War's second dam was by Storm Bird, giving him a second strain of Danzig's sire Northern Dancer (inbred 3x4).

War Chant's best nick by number of stakes winners is with Raise a Native-line mares accounting for 3 of his black type winners, all G3 winners. Two of these are from mares by sons of Mr. Prospector – Norman Invader (G3) out of a mare by Seeking the Gold; and Asperity (G3) out of a mare by Gone West. A third stakes winner, Sea Chanter (G3) is out of a mare by Easy Goer (by Alydar, who was, like Mr. Prospector, a son of Raise a Native).

Mr. Prospector, Raise a Native and Northern Dancer doubles
The cross with mares by sons of Mr. Prospector results in 4x3 inbreeding to Mr. Prospector, who is also the sire of the War Chant's second dam, Miss Wildcatter. Asperity's dam was actually inbred to Mr. Prospector (as well as doubled to Secretariat and Northern Dancer). And all 3 stakes winners are 5x4 to Raise a Native. Two others have Raise a Native elsewhere in their dam's pedigrees. While War Chant has done well with mares by sons of Mr. Prospector, it might be best to avoid direct daughters of Mr. Prospector, to avoid inbreeding any closer than 4x3.

Another of War Chant's best crosses is with mares descending in male line from Nijinsky II, which have produced 2 of his stakes winners. One of these is the excellent filly Karen's Caper ($622,113), a multiple G3 winner and G1 –placed in England and the U.S. Karen's Caper's dam is by Caerleon, by Nijinsky II. The other is 2008 hurdler Pierrot Lunaire, whose dam is by Hernando, by Niniski, by Nijinsky II.

Like all the previous stakes winners mentioned, these also have some form of inbreeding, in this case, inbreeding to Northern Dancer, sire of both War Chant's sire Danzig and the great Nijinsky II. Karen's Caper is 3x4 to Northern Dancer. Peirrot Lunaire's dam's sire Hernando has 2 crosses of Northern Dancer, and Peirrot himself has a triple play (3x4x5). Northern Dancer appears in the dams of 6 other War Chant stakes winners including Chattahoochee War, noted previously as inbred 3x4.

Bold Ruler, Nasrullah and Princequillo
There are 2 War Chant stakes winners out of Bold Ruler-line mares but this male line influence is not as close as Mr. Prospector's or Nijinsky II's. Amansara's dam is by Dewan (by Bold Ruler), and For Always's dam is by General Assembly (by Secretariat by Bold Ruler). War Chant's Japanese-raced colt Molto Grande ($510,106) – not a recognized black type winner in America, is also from a Bold Ruler-line mare, by Capote. Bold Ruler appears in the dams of 6 other War Chant stakes winners as well, most often through Secretariat and Seattle Slew. Two of these have Seattle Slew as the sire of their second dams.

There are also 2 War Chant stakes winners out of Never Bend-line mares, and both happen to be stakes winners in 2008 - the colt War Monger ($466,976) out of a mare by Half a Year (by Riverman) and the filly Flawless Treasure out of a mare by Diamond Shoal (by Mill Reef). It's worth noting that Riverman and Mill Reef were bred similarly. Riverman was by Never Bend out of a mare by Prince John (War Monger's dam is actually inbred to Prince John). Mill Reef was by Never Bend out of a mare by Prince John's sire Princequillo. This is a similar Nasrullah/Princequillo cross found in Secretariat and Seattle Slew as well.

The stakes-winning filly Winsome is out of a mare by Blushing John (by Blushing Groom out of a Prince John mare), from the same Nasrullah male line as Bold Ruler and Never Bend, making 5 War Chant stakes winners from Nasrullah-line mares. This might reflect the fact that his dam, Hollywood Wildcat is 4x4 to Nasrullah's son Nashua. Note again the influence of the Nasrullah/Princequillo cross and the presence of Prince John in particular. Winsome's second dam was by Our Native (Exclusive Native/Crafty Admiral, like Affirmed), and her third dam was also bred on the Nasrullah/Princequillo cross (by Nantallah out of a Hill Prince mare).

War Chant's G3 winner El Roblar ($389,646) is out of a mare by Roanoke (by Pleasant Colony). Since Pleasant Colony is by His Majesty, his pedigree has the same main elements found in Dynaformer, with Roberto on His Majesty. El Roblar's dam also has 2 strains of Bold Ruler and more distantly, Princequillo and his paternal half-brother Prince Bio.

War Chant's first crop juvenile stakes winner Up Like Thunder's dam was by Clever Trick, whose sire Icecapade was bred on the same Nearctic/Native Dancer cross as Northern Dancer and his second dam went back to Princequillo. The dam of 2007 stakes winner War Charm was by Lord At War (by General), her second dam by Stage Door Johnny (by Prince John) and her third dam by Halo. War Chant's first crop stakes winning juvenile filly, Special's dam is by Common Grounds (by Kris, by Sharpen Up); the dam is also inbred to Northern Dancer (3x5x5 in Speciale) and the second dam went back to Bold Ruler and had 2 crosses of Princequillo.

Common themes here are linebreeding to Northern Dancer (in 8 of the 16 stakes winners); linebreeding to Raise a Native (in 7 of 16); as well as inbreeding to Roberto (in 2 of his best) and linebreeding to his sire Hail to Reason (in 5 of his top 6 earners).

One of the more dominant background strains War Chant is working with is reasonably close linebreeding to Princequillo (present in 11 of 16 stakes winners). His dam's sire Kris S. was out of a mare by Princequillo, and the majority of the dams of his best runners have crosses of either Round Table, Prince John or some other close source of Princequillo such as Secretariat and Mill Reef. War Monger's dam is inbred to Prince John.

War Chant has also done well with the outcross strain of Bold Ruler (in 8 stakes winners), often found in combination with Princequillo.

For those interested in family numbers, War Chant, who descends from the 4-r Family, has sired 4 stakes winners from the 4 Family, the largest number of any female line representation. He has also sired 3 of his best runners (Brilliant, Chattahoochee War, and War Monger) from the famed 16 Family going back to Agnes, 2 from 16-h and 1 from 16-g.

All in all, War Chant has done well with almost every bloodline available, and seems to thrive on patterns of inbreeding, particularly to elements in his dam's pedigree such as Roberto, Hail to Reason, Nasrullah, Mr. Prospector and Raise a Native. Don't forget that he's also done well doubling back to his own grandsire Northern Dancer, and sire Danzig might make an interesting target of inbreeding, too. He might do well with mares by Distorted Humor, who combines Mr. Prospector, Danzig and Hail to Reason, or the similarly-bred Fusaichi Pegasus.

War Chant is an outstanding physical specimen with near perfect conformation, and tends to throw his own leggy type with a lot of consistency. He could be used to great advantage to add height and class to heavy, squatty type mares.