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By Anne Peters

Yes It's True is exactly what a cross of Raja Baba on Clever Trick should look like, speed on speed -- a sprinter with massive muscling, and clean-cut, flashy, good looks.

He's already sired six stakes winners from his first crop to race (through June 2005), and some distinct patterns have emerged that may help breeders use him to the best advantage. A closer look at his pedigree sets up the scenario. He's by Is It True, the 1988 Breeders' Cup Juvenile (G1) winner, and he is far and away his sire's best runner from nine stakes winners. Is It True is by Raja Baba, America's Leading Sire of 1980, and noted as a sire of precocious juveniles and a horde of good runners. A speed horse himself, Raja Baba was out of Missy Baba, dam of six stakes winners, which besides Raja Baba, included Gay Missile, Master Bold, Chokri, and Sauce Boat. She is also the ancestress of A.P. Indy, Summer Squall, and Honor Grades among the major sires from this prolific family.

Is It True's dam, Roman Rockette, was one of four stakes winners out of her dam, Kitchen Window. She was also a daughter of Proudest Roman, a precocious son of Never Bend and winner of the Hopeful Stakes. Kitchen Window was out of a mare by Dead Ahead, a Turn-to stakes winning half-brother to champion Bald Eagle.

Yes It's True is the oldest of two stakes-winning full siblings out of Clever Monique, a $210,000 Barretts' Two-Year-Old, who was unplaced in her only start. She was bred for pure speed, by Clever Trick out of the extremely fast stakes mare Monique Rene. Monique Rene was by Prince of Ascot, a son of Royal Ascot (by Princequillo Ð Glamour by Nasrullah), a three-quarter brother to Poker, dam's sire of both Seattle Slew and Silver Charm. Monique Rene's dam was by the winner Speedy Frank, who was bred along speed lines, by Count Fleet's brother Count Speed, out of a mare by Chicuelo.

Yes It's True's pedigree is an outcross at four generations, but at five and six removes, some interesting patterns start to appear. He's linebred to Nasrullah three ways (4x5x6), twice through Is It True, who has Nasrullah's sons Bold Ruler and Never Bend, and once through Prince of Ascot, who has Nasrullah's daughter Glamour. There's also that cross of Turn-to, whose sire Royal Charger, was a three-quarters brother to Nasrullah.

Here's the first key pattern: Raja Baba was bred along similar lines as Never Bend, both with Nasrullah on top and Djebel on the bottom. Raja Baba's dam was by Djebel's son My Babu, while Never Bend's dam was by Djebel's other good son Djeddah. Clever Trick's second dam, Golden Beach, was also a daughter of Djeddah. This means that Yes It's True is linebred to Djeddah (6x5) and Djebel (5x7x6), and it's this Nasrullah/Djebel combination that seems to be one of Yes It's True's most important key strains.

Yes It's True's dam also has an interesting cross of close relatives in Better Bee and Count Speed in her third and fourth generations. Better Bee was by Triplicate (by Reigh Count) out of a mare by Haste. This is the same nick found in the brothers Count Speed and Count Fleet, both by Reigh Count out of a mare by Haste. It wouldn't be surprising to see Yes It's True crossing well with mares carrying Count Fleet as a result.

Yes It's True's best runner so far is the Champagne Stakes (G1) winner PROUD ACCOLADE, whose dam, Proud Ciel, is by Septieme Ciel. She is actually doubled (5x4) to Hail to Reason, the top son of Turn-to (also found in Is It True, via Dead Ahead). Her sire, Septieme Ciel, is a son of Seattle Slew, who goes back tail male to Bold Ruler, as does Raja Baba. Bold Ruler (by Nasrullah) is 4x6 in the mating. Seattle Slew's dam's sire, Poker, is a close relative to Yes It's True's ancestor Royal Ascot, both with Princequillo and Glamour in combination. Glamour (by Nasrullah) is 6x6 in the mating.

More significant stuff comes in Proud Accolade's third dam, Forest Murmurs, who was by Proud Clarion out of a mare by Fleet Nasrullah. Proud Clarion was by Hail to Reason, so goes in tail male line back to Royal Charger (Nasrullah's three quarter brother). Proud Clarion's dam was by Djeddah, so he was bred on a very similar cross to both Raja Baba and Never Bend (Nasrullah/Djebel). Fleet Nasrullah was another son of Nasrullah, but of a mare by Count Fleet (brother to Count Speed and related to Better Bee). In fact, Forest Murmurs was also bred similarly to Raja Baba and Never Bend, with Nasrullah and Djeddah in her pedigree, although further back. This would be overlooked if we just looked at male line nicks when studying matings.

Yes It's True's classy stakes winner CHANDTRUE is out of a mare by Crafty Prospector, by Mr. Prospector. Like Proud Ciel (above) this mare is also inbred, but 4x3 to the mare My Dear Girl, and 5x4x5 to her sire Rough'n Tumble. Similarly, the more interesting stuff comes in Chandtrue's third dam, Eyes, by Iron Ruler. Iron Ruler was a son of Never Bend (inbred 5x5 here since he is also the sire of Proudest Roman), and Iron Ruler's granddam Uvira II, was also the maternal granddam of Raja Baba, and this important mare is 5x6 in Chandtrue. Chandtrue's dam also supplies a cross of Count Fleet through Mr. Prospector, more Nasrullah through Nashua and another Bold Ruler son, Chieftain.

A third Yes It's True stakes winner, B.B. BEST, is out of the mare Bold Juana by John Alden. Bold Juana is also inbred, being 4x4 to Nasrullah through Nashua and Bold Ruler, and 5x5 to Tourbillon. The latter is important since he's the sire of Djebel, triplicated in Yes It's True. Here, Tourbillon appears through sons Tornado (in Speak John) and Ambiorix (in Bold Ambition). Bold Ambition is bred along the same lines as Raja Baba, both by Bold Ruler, and while Bold Ambition's dam was by Ambiorix (Tourbillon Ð Lavendula), Raja Baba's dam was by My Babu (by Tourbillon's son Djebel, out of Lavendula's daughter Perfume II). John Alden's paternal grandsire Prince John also carries a key strain of Count Fleet.

Yes It's True's stakes-winning daughter TRUE TAILS is out of Cocktail by Relaunch. Relaunch was by In Reality, so the mating plays on the noted Bold Ruler/In Reality nick. In Reality was a son of the mare My Dear Girl, (who was inbred in the dam of Chandtrue), so this is a repeating pattern for Yes It's True. Relaunch's third dam Beadah was also notable as a daughter of Djeddah. True Tail's second dam is by Dixieland Band, a son of Northern Dancer, who should work well with Yes It's True's cross of Icecapade, who was bred on the same Nearctic/Native Dancer cross as Northern Dancer.

The second stakes winning filly by Yes It's True is MISSILE BAY, out of Saint La Petit by Saint Ballado. Saint Ballado goes back in tail male line to Hail to Reason and Turn-to (5x4 in the mating). The second dam was by Raise A Cup, by Raise A Native, who also appeared in the dam of Chandtrue. In fact Raise A Cup was bred on the same Raise A Native/Nashua cross as Mr. Prospector. Missile Bay's third dam was by Never Bend, a major key strain which is 5x4 inbred here, so further repeating Nasrullah and Djeddah/Djebel combination. The next dam was by Prince John, who carries a cross of Count Fleet.

Yes It's True's third stakes-winning filly is MIDTOWN MISS, out of Van Nic by Sezyou. Van Nic is another inbred mare, 4x5x6 to Tudor Minstrel, and her dam is inbred 3x4 to his son King of the Tudors. She's also inbred to Alibhai 5x5, and both Alibhai and Tudor Minstrel's sire Owen Tudor, were sons of Hyperion, a real genetic strength here. Sezyou is a son of Valid Appeal, and so a grandson of In Reality, who makes a third appearance in the dam of a Yes It's True's stakes winner. Sezyou is also inbred to Rough'n Tumble, which we've seen working in Chandtrue's dam.

So from Yes It's True's six stakes winners to date, two are from In Reality-line mares, and a third has In Reality in a different location. Two of the stakes winners are inbred to Never Bend. One is from a mare from the Hail to Reason male line, while another dam is inbred to Hail to Reason. One dam is from the Bold Ruler male line, and a second has Bold Ruler through Raja Baba's close relative Bold Ambition. Four have strains of Djeddah, and of the two that don't, one is inbred to Djeddah's grandsire Tourbillon. Four are out of inbred mares.

That's what's been working so far. As for speculation, with Raja Baba and Never Bend in tandem here, it's very likely that Damascus crosses will also work with Yes It's True, as they have with both of those strains separately and together. Damascus' dam was by My Babu, a son of Djebel. Majestic Prince and Hoist the Flag have also worked with this sort of background.

Yes It's True is free of Mr. Prospector/Raise A Native, Northern Dancer, Hail to Reason, Seattle Slew, and many other strains so prevalent in today's gene pool, which means he's available to be crossed on a wide range of mares without bumping into undesirable close inbreeding very often.