Gonçarlo Borges Torrealba

Gonçalo Borges Torrealba, Chairman of Three Chimneys Farm, stands at the forefront of the international racehorse breeding industry. Born in 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Torrealba brings a diverse background in law, business, and equine passion to his role. He holds a law degree from Rio de Janeiro State University and has gained valuable experience in various executive positions, leading to his current tenure at Borges Torrealba Holdings since 2013.

Torrealba’s journey into the world of thoroughbred horse racing began with the establishment of Haras TNT in Brazil, a testament to his lifelong passion for equine excellence. His move to the United States marked a significant transition, as he assumed leadership of Three Chimneys Farm, one of the most esteemed names in racehorse breeding.

Under his guidance, Three Chimneys Farm has flourished, combining traditional breeding techniques with innovative approaches to maintain its prestigious status in the global racing community. Torrealba’s vision extends beyond the farm, influencing the broader industry through strategic partnerships and international collaborations. With a keen eye for excellence and a commitment to the legacy of thoroughbred racing, Gonçalo Borges Torrealba continues to shape the future of Three Chimneys Farm and the wider racehorse breeding world.